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15 widely accepted Indian housewarming gifts

Do you know the secret to buying a widely accepted house-warming gift? It is pretty easy – just buy a gift for the entire family!

Some people buy food and beverages as gift. It is for the entire family, of course, but, do they make good gifts? The thing is, food and beverages do not have what it takes to be a thoughtful gift. So, what would make a good house warming gift?

Here, we have put together a list of gifts that you can buy for new home-owners. These gifts are family friendly and are useful for whole members of the house. Rest assured, the recipient would be more than happy to receive these gifts. So, let us give our list an auspicious start with idols.

1. Religious Idols & Books

Holy Family IdolsFor a ceremony like house-warming, you always want to buy a gift that is auspicious and ones that can bring a stroke of good luck to the new house owner. In that case, is there any better gift you can imagine than idols of Gods? You can always buy one of those Lord Ganesh, Lord Laxmi or Lord Krishna idols as a gift for a Hindu family. If it is a Christian family, you can gift statue of Jesus, Mother Mary or Holy Family. Gifting ‘Bible’ is also not uncommon. Similarly, you can find idols of other religious deities too. These will be a nice addition to the home décor.

2. Art Paintings

Floral ArtDecorating the house is a challenge for any new house owner. If you can do even a bit to help the new owner in that cause, it would be great. Don’t you think?

Art paintings are conventional gifts that people buy for an Indian house warming ceremony. It could be a landscape painting, a still life painting or even a self-portrait. The fact is that you can never go wrong if you buy art paintings as gifts. After all, art paintings stand for beauty and perfection- a rare combination.

Don’t worry if you are running short of cash. You can go for art prints- they look like original, but costs only a fraction of the original!

3. Silver & Brass Utensils

silver utensilsMoving away from home décor items to home utensils, there are so many things you can come up with. Silver and brass utensils for home are one among them. It could be a set of silver and brass coffee cups, plates or even fancy Moroccan tea mug! Apart from being useful, these products can also add to the attraction of the kitchen.

4. Pressure Cooker

pressure cookerPressure cooker is something inevitable for any home. Every Indian family expects a typical gift, like pressure cooker, during a house-warming ceremony. In addition, this is a gift we all need. If you decide to gift one of those, you can be sure, they will be unwrapping the gift-box with a smile.

5. Cutlery Set

cutlerySimilar to pressure cooker, a cutlery set is something every household needs. A set of spoon, fork and knife of different sizes is essential for any household, especially when dining with guests. This is a conventional gift for house warming ceremonies and a gift that is fit for the occasion.

6. Cups & Saucers

cups and saucersIf you make a list of favourite house-warming gifts for this season, cups and saucers will always be there in the top ten. This straight gift never gets old and no recipient seems to dislike it either. Do not back away from thinking someone else might gift the same because every home maker will be happy to have different styles of cups and saucers in their kitchen.

7. Dinner Sets

Dinner SetsDinner sets have always been a popular gift during house warming ceremonies. There are dinner sets available in the market, with price ranging from hundreds to thousands of rupees. This gift will always come handy for the house owner, no matter what day, month or year it is.

8. Table Lamps

table lampsThis is a gift, which people seem to overlook these days. And you could make the most of this opportunity. Table lamps can act as both a home appliance and a home décor item. The house owner can use it either in his study or in the bedroom. Take a minute to think about gifting a designer table lamp because you could be carrying the unique gift to the house-warming ceremony.

9. Flower Vases

flower vasesEvery household has a flower vase: either in the living room, dining room or bedroom! Some people just love to see flowers in every single room of their house. In that case, gifting one of these conventional flower vases is never a damp idea. In fact, this is one of the most popular gifts for Indian house warming ceremonies.

10. Table Mats

table matsTable-mats give the dining table a different feel and look. It can change a dull looking dinner table into colourful and appetizing. You can buy table mats that come in set or you can ask them to make some custom design table-mats, just to make the gift more personalized. This gift is a perfect choice if you want to make a new house owner happy and impressed.

11. Bed Linens

bed sheetsAlthough bed linens count as conventional house-warming gifts, not many people seem to think about this as a gift. Maybe they are just thinking about the living room, dining room etc, and bedroom has not come under their radar yet. However, bed linens are perfect gifts for any family. If you can find bed linens that go with the colour of paint and the overall ambience of the house, it will be an icing on the cake!

12. Wind Chimes

wind chimesIt is believed that wind chimes can absorb all the bad luck that comes in the way of people living in the house. There may not be any scientific proof to validate this statement, but they sure make a great home décor item. Every home owner is going to love this piece of metal hanging in the air, making chiming sounds.

13. Furniture

furnitureIt does not get more conventional than this. Simple home furniture make great gifts for house warming ceremonies because of the fact that they are useful and can lift the overall appearance of the house. You can gift a simple bookshelf or a study table. A dining table set or sofa sets can also make excellent house-warming gift.

14. Photo Frames

Digital Photo FramesNot always, a house owner thinks about decorating their stairways or living room with framed photos. Well, you could think for them and buy a set of beautiful photo frame for decorating the new house. You can gift single photo frames too, if your budget is a bit tight. In the long run, it will prove a gift worth the money.

15. Electrical Appliances

juice makersThese days, electrical appliances are turning out to be the most common and most liked gift items. And for a new home, you really need a lot of those! You can think about buying simple electrical appliances like iron box, juice makers or toasters. If you have a few extra bucks to spare, think about appliances like microwave oven, coffee makers or air coolers.

There you have it, a list of most common and conventional gifts people buy for house warming ceremonies in India.

Next time you are invited for a house-warming ceremony, think about buying one of these items in the list as gift. No house owner can turn his or her back against these gifts..