• Mysore Urad Bonda

    Mysore Urad Bonda

    Give a break to the taste buds from daily bhajiyas and binge on this tasty Mysore Urad Bonda.

  • Ragi Atta Halwa

    Ragi Atta Halwa

    Craving for sweets? Get healthy Ragi Atta Halwa full of dry fruits to satisfy cravings with great taste and nutrition.

  • Moong Dal Atta Cheela

    Moong Dal Atta Cheela

    The new Moong Dal Atta Cheela, is highly nutritious also adds taste and variety to the daily breakfast options.

  • Soya Methi Parantha

    Soya Methi Parantha

    Give a tasty twist to your basic rotis, paranthas or theplas with a slight change in it's ingredients. Try the new Soya Methi Paranthas.

  • Chana Sattu Kachori

    Chana Sattu Kachori

    What's better than enjoying some delicious homemade chana and sattu atta kachori for an evening snack?

  • Makai Atta Wada

    Makai Atta Wada

    Indulge in these piping hot Makai atta vadas drenched in different chutneys on a cozy rainy day.

  • Besan Pakora

    Besan Pakora

    Spend a typical rainy evening indulging with yummy and hot besan ke pakore with a hot cup of tea. 

  • Khaman Dhokla

    Khaman Dhokla

    Add variety to your snacks with the all new khaman dhokla - a perfect blend of sweet and savoury.

  • Modak


    Having a sweet craving? Get that saccharine satisfaction with this Modak mix for your friends and family.

  • Multigrain Bhatura

    Multigrain Bhatura

    Take a break from the regular roti puris and try the new and healthy multi grain bhatura mix which goes well with chole.

  • Multigrain Dosa

    Multigrain Dosa

    Replace the regular dosa with a healthier Multigrain dosa mix served with delicious chutney or sambhar.

  • Amaranth Rolls

    Amaranth Rolls

    A healthy choice for a healthy snack , try the rajgira atta constituent Amaranth Rolls.

  • Kuttu ki kadhi

    Kuttu ki kadhi

    Enjoy the taste of the all new Kuttu ki Kadi. A healthier and  tastier choice for food.

  • Singhara Atta Malpua

    Singhara Atta Malpua

    A happy and soul-pleasing dessert, binging on Singhara Atta Malpua is both healthy and tasty.

  • Recipe With Koryo Air Fryer

    Recipe With Koryo Air Fryer

    Make healthier and tasty food with minimal use of oil to fry with Koryo Air Fryer.

  • Uttapam Recipe With Chana Sattu Atta

    Uttapam Recipe With Chana Sattu Atta

    Make a quick fix breakfast, lunch or dinner Uttapam with goodness of Chana Sattu Atta.

  • Khaman Dhokla Recipe

    Khaman Dhokla Recipe

    Quick and scrumptious Khaman Dhokla snack with a perfect blend of sweet and tangy.

  • Missi Atta Halwa Recipe

    Missi Atta Halwa Recipe

    Healthy and Sweet in one, end your cravings with Missi Atta Halwa.

  • Red Chana Atta Tokri Chaat Recipe

    Red Chana Atta Tokri Chaat Recipe

    Indulge yourself in this healthy chana served in homemade Tokri with Red Chana Atta.

  • Rice Atta Bhakri Recipe

    Rice Atta Bhakri Recipe

    Add variety to your basic bhakri with Rice Atta Bhakri topped with garlic chutney.

  • Thalipeeth Atta Tarts Recipe

    Thalipeeth Atta Tarts Recipe

    Use this Maharashtrian flour to make delicious and healthy Thalipeeth Atta Tarts.